Our role

Aesthetic Re-Branding


Social Media Content


We are proud to introduce TIEGE HANLEY, a premier men’s skincare brand that has partnered with us to enhance their branding and elevate their web presence. TIEGE HANLEY is dedicated to providing high-quality, uncomplicated skincare solutions for men, designed to improve skin health and boost confidence.

In-Depth Research

As a result of our research, we gathered three key insights that we used to guide the project:


Market Analysis:
Conducted comprehensive research on current men's skincare market trends, identifying key visual and thematic elements that resonate with the target demographic.


Competitor Review:
Analyzed top competitors to determine effective branding strategies and aesthetic practices that align with TIEGE HANLEY’s brand values.


Customer Insights:
Gathered feedback from TIEGE HANLEY's existing customers to understand their preferences and expectations, ensuring the new aesthetic approach enhances user experience and brand loyalty.


Brand Vision Alignment: Collaborated closely with TIEGE HANLEY to ensure our aesthetic strategy aligns seamlessly with their core brand vision and goals. This partnership-driven approach ensures consistency and authenticity in all branding efforts.


We conducted interviews, surveys and online research to develop our understanding of out potential customers base.

Screen Time Analysis: Identified peak engagement times and optimized content posting schedules to maximize visibility and interaction.

Content Type Preferences: Determined that video content, particularly short tutorials and testimonials, significantly increases user engagement and shares.

Hashtag Effectiveness: Analyzed the performance of various hashtags to enhance discoverability and reach among target demographics.

Engagement Metrics: Tracked likes, comments, and shares to understand which types of posts resonate most with followers, tailoring future content accordingly.

Influencer Impact: Assessed the influence of collaborations with skincare influencers, finding that authentic endorsements lead to higher trust and engagement.

User Interaction: Monitored direct messages and comments to gauge customer satisfaction and identify common inquiries, allowing for more responsive and personalized social media interactions.

How Might We

Design and Script Development: Crafted engaging and compelling scripts tailored to TIEGE HANLEY's brand narrative, ensuring alignment with aesthetic goals and target audience preferences.


The changes before after TERAMOK.



Launch Strategy

Our launch strategy for TIEGE HANLEY is laser-focused on delivering real, high-value content that resonates with their target audience. By leveraging our in-depth research, premium production techniques, and strategic social media insights, we ensure every piece of content is not only visually stunning but also highly engaging and impactful. Our commitment to quality and authenticity drives every step of the process, from initial concept to final delivery, guaranteeing a successful and memorable brand launch.


Since partnering with us, TIEGE HANLEY has experienced a remarkable transformation in their brand presence. With our high-value content production every 30 days, they now boast a dynamic and engaging web presence that consistently aligns with their marketing goals. Our meticulous approach to design, scripting, casting, and production ensures that each piece of content is of the highest quality. This continuous stream of premium content not only enhances their brand image but also helps them surpass their competition, positioning TIEGE HANLEY as a leader in the men's skincare industry. The results speak for themselves—stronger brand recognition, increased customer engagement, and a solid competitive edge in the market.